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Though diet accounts for 80% of your six pack, workout is also important to carve your pack. Diet (eating it right) helps attaining a flat mid-section but without appropriate workout you wouldn’t have your abs pop out.

There are 2 stages of workout for the body. One would be the fat reduction which helps burning the body fat and the other would be weight training which would help shape/build the muscles. The weight training is pretty straight forward and you could find the information anywhere for each body part. For fat loss there are several schools of thought (interval training, cardio, strength training, HIIT, weights etc) and several programs (fitness blender, insanity, P90X, RushFit etc.).  You could pick which ever suits you and I mention what ever worked for me.

I have separated out the exercise routine based on the body types and also separated it out into 2 phases (phase-1 being the fat-cut phase and phase-2 being bulk-up phase).  It is very important to workout 45 to 60min sessions 5 to 6 days a week to reach your goal.


Workout plan for Body type-1 (Lean built body)


Workout plan for Body type-2 (Hefty built body)


Other Workout Tips:


Breathing is a very important element during workouts. You should never hold your breath during your workouts. It is not much of an issue during interval training because you get time to recover. Breathing is very critical during weight training because it helps  facilitate tonicity or tightness of muscles and helps to reduce recovery time between sets. During lifting weights breathe out as you lift the weight and breathe in as you lower the weight


Ab workout tips:

When you’re doing ab workouts, do it slowly and make sure your posture is correct. Don’t overdo it and follow your body responses. If you feel the stress at other spots on the body (like lower back), either you are doing it incorrectly or your body has limitations. Either switch to different type if exercise or slowly get to a better posture

You should also add core strength training (squats, lunges, crunches etc.) while performing abs exercise. When you strength train you get to use your core muscles to stabilize your body, which will strengthen your abdominal muscles, so keep your core tight throughout all exercises. Doing core training such as yoga and Pilates is also an excellent choice to strengthen your midsection.


Workout during sick time:

It is better if you do not work out when you fall sick because your body need to have rest to recover from the illness. For sure you shouldn’t do any work out if you have fever (>101 degrees F). If you don’t have fever and your only symptoms are neck up (cold, cough, sore throat etc.) then it is ok to do mild workouts. You shouldn’t do any workouts if it is headaches (or migraines), body pains etc


Other workout options:

Other than HIIT/cardio there are other high intensity workout programs such as insanity, Rushfit, P90x3 etc. which helps burn the fat quickly. I haven’t tried them much but I heard they work well too. For e.g. P90X3 program is works your lean muscle mass all over while burning body fat same time. But remember 90days is definitely not enough to get your 6 pack and you have to continue longer periods.


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